Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Replay online from this weeks " The World of The Interesting "

Hello everyone,

It was sent to try me this Monday evening as I was plagued with technical issues for my online radio show, problems with the webcam then the ustream server kept kicking me out but we made it in the end.

This week was shorter and I briefly discussed persuasion, influence and random acts of kindness and how they relate to commercialism.

Here is the link......

I also was sent a link to this video which I found really interesting and wanted to pass it on. It is a clip of a droplet of water filmed at 2000 frames per second and shows that water droplets " Bounce " when they land on water, yes Bounce !

Here is the link for that video.....

I hope you find it interesting!

If you have anything you would like me to talk about on my Monday Shows please send me your questions to and I will add them also please join me in the chat during the show and I will interact with you LIVE !

Have a great week everyone.

Robert - aka Dr Rob.

P.s A great source of information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy is available from my friend Wendi Friesen her link is at the bottom of my blog, she has great deals on hypnotherapy CD's.

** Stop Press ** Wendi is coming to the UK in 2010 to do some training events in association with The Hypnosmart Group - Full details to follow soon but if you wish to get on our mailing list please send your request to my email address

Monday, 15 February 2010

The World of The Interesting * Episode 2 * Healing & Morgellon's

Good Monday Everyone,

Tonight will be the second online radio show in my new series entitled " The World of The Interesting, tonight I plan to cover 2 topics which are....


This is self healing and not in relation to using antibiotics and medical intervention however I shall talk about  this briefly and how we can not prove that all our prescribed medications are in fact nothing more than placebo's.



What is Morgellons??

This is classed as a disease but it may not be a disease at all - symptoms of this can include the following..

A crawling sensation under the skin, leisons which are crater like in shape and may have fibers which come out of them - these fibers can be metallic coloured or red,white and are NOT man made.

Those are the 2 main symptoms and I will tell you more about this amazing subject in tonights show.

Here is the link...

Broadcasting at 21.00 GMT.

Please tell your friends and join in the chat as you never know someone you know may suffer from Morgellons but have been told they have parasitosis and its all in the mind - But is It???

See you soon.

Robert - aka Dr Rob


Thursday, 4 February 2010

The World Of The Interesting * Update *

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are having a great week and would like to thank everyone who tuned in to my online radio show last Monday Evening or has indeed watched the replay.

Here is the replay link.......

I believe that the content was very good however a few technical issues need to be addressed before the next show airs, sorry about those it was my first one so I am still learning how everything works and goes together.

I would appreciate any questions you may have so I can research the required answers and information and pass this on to my listeners, The show is basically about what you want to know about so its about you rather than me as I mentioned in my ramblings about websites.

For those on Facebook you can post your questions to the following group " Mind Control, Hypnosis and NLP) here is the link.....

or contact me direct at........

I also feature on Real Life Radio Online every Wednesday and Thursday Evenings where I add controversy to the chat room and generally run amuck !

This is Broadcast by Kevin Sage ( Winner of the Biggest Loser 2009 ITV1) and I cannot recommend this show highly enough for fun and pure entertainment - Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Here is the show link.....................

(The next show is tonight Wednesday 4th February 2010 starting at 19.30 / 7.30pm GMT)

Come and join in on the fun via your laptop or pc - maybe even call in for free on skype - add talktorealliferadio to your friends.

Thats about all for today everyone.

Have a good one.


Robert aka Dr Rob and Dr Bert.

Wendi Friesen

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