Thursday, 25 September 2008

" What is your website for and Why I think you need to hear how inefficient it is ! - Free Hour Live online Seminar

Hello Everyone,

This Saturday night at 22.00 (BST - GMT+1hr) I invite you to join me for a live online seminar for an hour on the following..

1.What is your website for?

2.Why do people visit websites in the first place

3.How you can improve your website immediately to increase your conversions today - as hits mean absolutely NOTHING!

If you wish to attend the meeting this saturday please "Raise your hand and say Yes" you can do this by sending me an email to

Thank You


P.S Your business is at risk if you have No Clients/Customers - However is it Just your business that is at risk - NO - it may have serious effects on your relationships and family life too!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

” Do You Make These 7 Big Mistakes In Business? "


THE SHOCKING REPORT reveals those 7 BIG Mistakes that were splashing profits and personal cash out of their bank accounts faster than a 40 foot whale landing in a 41 foot pool!

And here they are for you now: Avoiding these 7 big mistakes means the difference between you enjoying ever increasing profits and personal cash – or – struggling month to month with not enough to show for all your hard work!

Mistake #1

The 3 letter word that makes all the difference! And I’m pretty certain it’s not what you think it is. This is the easiest way to add profits to ANY business.

Mistake #2

Who has the power? You do know that every conversation you have in business is a negotiation, don’t you?

Mistake #3

The grubby salesman’s error When will people realise that there’s the right way to do it – and there’s the wrong way – and unsurprisingly the ‘right’ way works every time And there’s more:

Mistake #4

The ‘Rich List’ Mindset And I’ve only met 6 people in the last 12 months who REALLY understood this

Mistake #5

Bleeding when you don’t have to! Even huge companies make this mistake and it costs them millions every single year in lost profits!

Mistake #6

Price, price – it’s all about price – or is it?

Mistake #7

2 hidden benefits of the ‘system’ Is a 73% increase in sales really possible and at no cost? Yes!

Here’s the truth of it…

If a friend or business colleague of mine had sent me this – I’d be thinking: I need to know the full details of these mistakes so that I can avoid making them straightaway, I don’t want to miss out on this

where do I get that free report? If you’re like me then

Email me now on

Put in the subject title ” I want my free report Now ” - That’s all you have to do !



Definitely Different Business Coaching

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The World First Irritational Speaker

Hi Friends,

I have been listening to a CD set recently called " Success Is Your Own DAMN Fault " by Larry Winget.

WHO ???

Larry Winget.
Before you Google him let me describe him so you can get a picture in your head !

He is over 6ft tall, bald head, goatee style beard, loves to wear black and here is the biggie - multi-coloured patterned cowboy boots.

What a picture hey !

He is known as the pit bull of motivational speaking.

The best thing about Larry is his " No Holds Barred " attitude - he tells it as it is,
No stoking your ego or nice stories to get you motivated - NO WAY !

Believe me once you hear him speak you will be saying - Yes I agree with that, and that

OK off you go and Google him and see if you agree with me ?

He has a couple of video's on You Tube recorded live at his seminar.

(For those in the United States who know of him - I am sorry but for those in the U.K and Europe - Please check this guy out.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


We have renegotiated the Insurance deal for members, for the £46.50 per annum, they now recieve up to £5Million for any one claim, up to a maximum of £10Million in one year.
A 4 fold increase in benefits.
Also we have negotiated a deal with Crown House Publishing.NLPPA members will recieve between 10 - 20% discount on featured books in our newsletters which will be going out to all members from mid August 2008 and every 3 months from then on.
This is inline with our continued policy at the NLPPA to ,bring additional member benefits to all our members.
Robert Dodge
"Fellow" of NLPPA & Accreditation & Certification Consultant

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

You too can beat the Credit Crunch

How to beat the Credit Crunch.

1. Be Smart: Think about everything you do day to day – Travelling, Eating – Everything.

2. Looking at Tip 1: Travelling – can you Car Share with a friend or associate to save on fuel costs etc? Can you invest in a more fuel efficient car for you and your family? Plan your weekly driving in advance – for example if you smoke or drink, consider purchasing enough luxuries to last the entire week to avoid those additional unplanned excursions.
Maybe walk or cycle more as an additional way of keeping fit.
Eating: Is there a way you can reduce the intake of food
By eating smarter for example eating smaller portions –
Not getting caught up in the BOGOF disease! Yes this is a disease you go to the supermarket and see for example chocolate fingers buy 1 get 1 free – would you normally buy these – NO so why buy them now? Don’t let the supermarkets cause you financial difficulties at this time – does the credit crunch bother them? Heck No – everyone needs to buy food – but buy sensibly do not let them control you – you must make your own decisions that only you can dictate.
Watch your food waste! Everything you throw away uneaten is more money that has not benefited you in anyway at all.

3. Is your mobile phone contract up for renewal? Do you really need a brand new phone? I expect this to be No, Your current mobile phone is still in working order as most mobile phone networks will offer you a reduction in your line rental if you do not need a new handset. Example I know someone who used to pay £35.00 a month and when they said that they did not require a new handset this was cut to £10.00 a month and the tariff was exactly the same.

4. Do you have separate Home Phone contract, Digital Television and Broadband? Consider taking advantage of a combined package to help you make additional savings. Companies doing this include Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk from the Carphone Warehouse.

5. Check to see if you eligible for tax credits from the government as so many people can claim additional credits from this source and all it takes is completing a form but cannot be bothered to give it a try. It may give you additional monies you can use at this time of financial stress.

6. Your Bank Account: Do you have problems keeping your bank account in the black? You could check to see if your branch offers a way to reduce your charges but changing accounts, taking out a consolidation loan or managed loan to help and assist your spending. Do you get excessively charges month after month from your bank or building society? Consider cancelling all of your direct debits and standing orders and pay them manually so that your account can stabilise as talking from a personal perspective I was getting charged month after month and was eventually paying more in charges than it cost to pay my bills – I did what I suggested and am certainly a lot happier and in control.

7. Charge Cards including Credit Cards and Store Cards: This is linked a little with Tip6, If you have a large balance which everytime you look at it makes you sweat Don’t you are not alone ! Consider adding this to a consolidation loan to bring your payments into a manageable plan one where you can see it come down and lower your stress levels.

8. Domestic Services including Gas, Electric and Water: Look around for cheaper alternative suppliers but beware never sign up for something that is short term – many suppliers do offer long term contracts which are guaranteed to get you savings year after year. Maybe consider going with a company who offer you all the services in the one contract to keep your outgoings for this element contained.

9. Excess Electrical energy usage: Do you have children who spend their lives on things like the Playstation or similar games consoles? Plan more activities which can enhance their learning – sometimes this can be difficult with the busy lives we lead however time must be made for your children as later in life when you need them you will find they may not want to help and assist you as you did not bother help and assist them. Ideas you could try – get them involved with cooking the evening meal – tasting and trying things to see how tastes can be changed using different herbs and spices, Offer rewards and incentives for doing good deeds maybe tasks like assisting an elderly neighbour who maybe finding this time of stress and strain is hitting them worse than you and your family.

10. Be more caring to everyone you meet in your daily lives:
Everyone at this time is in the same boat so to speak, maybe say “ Hello “ and smile to more people on a daily basis, offer help in the supermarket to an elderly person to pack their bags or carry them to the bus – whatever you can do to help will make you feel wonderful.

I want to leave you with this one thought –
Consideration costs Nothing – but to the other person concerned is worth much more than you could ever imagine.

If you enjoyed these tips please feel free to contact me for a personal plan to financial freedom.
At the following email address

You are not alone and I would love to help you through this.

Kind Regards

Robert Dodge at
The Hypnosmart Group.
In association with Somerset & Dorset Hypnotherapy.

Friday, 11 July 2008

The Smart Way to Save Money and Help the Environment.

Welcome to July 2008.

Yes its the first day of a brand new month and here in the UK we are suffering a credit crunch due to inflated prices on foods,Fuel and most other daily products.

I made an important decision last week to see me do the following…

(i) Save Money

(ii) Help the environment

(iii) Enjoy the lovely weather from inside my car.

So Robert ” What did you do ” ?

I purchased a used Smart Car Four Two Cabriolet.

Yes a Bumper Car !

But why ?

With the UK facing its largest hike in fuel costs ” EVER ” and I believe this is a global problem too

My little smart car will return 57 Miles Per Gallon and I have proved this over the past 7 days - I spent £30.00 on a tank of fuel and did 308 miles (At current UK Fuel Costs £1.16.9 Per Ltr) - So this made an average of 57.8 MPG !

Secondly the Annual Road Fund Licence for this vehicle due to its very low emissions is only £35.00

” Your having a laugh ” NO GENUINE !

I previously had a 1.6 Saloon Car which would have been £185.00 a year.


Finally due to the resale value of this type of vehicle - They have Bullet Proof Resale Values.

All this means I have in fact SAVED money from buying the car than spending out.

I recommend those who want to do the following…

(i) Save Money

(ii) Look Great

(iii) Help the environment

Look at the Smart Range today - You will be amazed how a such a small car can feel so big !

For those who need another 4 seater alternative to compare with the Smart Four Four I recommend the New Mitsubishi icar. (On the Road Now for £8995.00.

Have a fantastic Month.

Kind Regards

Robert Dodge


The HypnoSmart Group

In Association with

Somerset & Dorset Hypnotherapy.

The way to Cheap Public Liability Insurance for Therapists.

Hello Fellow Therapists,

May I bring to your attention the NLPPA - Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Association.

A newly established organisation to promote the ethical nature of all talking therapies including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching etc.

Membership Types & Rates

We offer 4 levels of membership at this present time in all the stated Talking Therapies.

Affiliate member, Associate member, Registered Trainer and Fellow.

Set out below we are using NLP as a guide, when filling in your application please amend to your particular therapy.

Affiliate is for beginners studying towards their NLP professional qualifications.

Associate level is for qualified Practitioners of NLP

Registered Trainer is for those holding a training qualification in NLP

Fellow is the highest level and limited places are offered each year period,

We are currently inviting applications for Fellow of NLPPA

Fellows will have the opportunity of appointment to the governing body.

Membership Fees:

Affiliate £55.00

Associate £65.00

Registered Trainer £95.00

Fellow £100.00

Benefits of Membership

Discounted professional indemnity insurance

Annual Conference in the Midlands area (free attendance)

Guest speakers within the profession ( Master class topics)

Advice & Support from setting up in practice to clinical issues

Totally independent of any training organizations

Online register

To join we need a completed application and attach a summary of course content and any subsequent courses or workshops you may have attended as this will also help us to ascertain the correct level. This also allows us advise you of any enhancements that may be required in order to upgrade your registration.

** For an application form contact me direct via the email at address below **

Kind Regards

Robert Dodge

Accreditation & Certification Consultant.



Fellow Member.

Welcome to the blog of The HypnoSmart Group and a Big Hello from ME - Robert Dodge

Hello Everyone

A little about me !

I live in a rural location in lovely English countryside with my wife Sarah and our lovely children - Matthew (11) Johanna (7) and Ebony (2).

We have a odd selection of pets - an Iguana, 3 Royal Pythons, 2 Ferrets and an albino rat.

I am a professional hypnotherapist, Personal / Business Coach and NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer.

I can offer hypnosis sessions globally via webcam - for further information regarding this amazing and life changing skill - please email me at or .com

My clients are really important to me as it is so humbling to see people who feel they cannot change become something and someone they never thought they could be - a true ” Podium Moment”

Wendi Friesen

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The Ultimate Change Seminar by Jonathan Royle (21 DVD/CD Training Set)
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