Friday, 11 July 2008

The way to Cheap Public Liability Insurance for Therapists.

Hello Fellow Therapists,

May I bring to your attention the NLPPA - Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Association.

A newly established organisation to promote the ethical nature of all talking therapies including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching etc.

Membership Types & Rates

We offer 4 levels of membership at this present time in all the stated Talking Therapies.

Affiliate member, Associate member, Registered Trainer and Fellow.

Set out below we are using NLP as a guide, when filling in your application please amend to your particular therapy.

Affiliate is for beginners studying towards their NLP professional qualifications.

Associate level is for qualified Practitioners of NLP

Registered Trainer is for those holding a training qualification in NLP

Fellow is the highest level and limited places are offered each year period,

We are currently inviting applications for Fellow of NLPPA

Fellows will have the opportunity of appointment to the governing body.

Membership Fees:

Affiliate £55.00

Associate £65.00

Registered Trainer £95.00

Fellow £100.00

Benefits of Membership

Discounted professional indemnity insurance

Annual Conference in the Midlands area (free attendance)

Guest speakers within the profession ( Master class topics)

Advice & Support from setting up in practice to clinical issues

Totally independent of any training organizations

Online register

To join we need a completed application and attach a summary of course content and any subsequent courses or workshops you may have attended as this will also help us to ascertain the correct level. This also allows us advise you of any enhancements that may be required in order to upgrade your registration.

** For an application form contact me direct via the email at address below **

Kind Regards

Robert Dodge

Accreditation & Certification Consultant.



Fellow Member.

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