Tuesday, 29 July 2008

You too can beat the Credit Crunch

How to beat the Credit Crunch.

1. Be Smart: Think about everything you do day to day – Travelling, Eating – Everything.

2. Looking at Tip 1: Travelling – can you Car Share with a friend or associate to save on fuel costs etc? Can you invest in a more fuel efficient car for you and your family? Plan your weekly driving in advance – for example if you smoke or drink, consider purchasing enough luxuries to last the entire week to avoid those additional unplanned excursions.
Maybe walk or cycle more as an additional way of keeping fit.
Eating: Is there a way you can reduce the intake of food
By eating smarter for example eating smaller portions –
Not getting caught up in the BOGOF disease! Yes this is a disease you go to the supermarket and see for example chocolate fingers buy 1 get 1 free – would you normally buy these – NO so why buy them now? Don’t let the supermarkets cause you financial difficulties at this time – does the credit crunch bother them? Heck No – everyone needs to buy food – but buy sensibly do not let them control you – you must make your own decisions that only you can dictate.
Watch your food waste! Everything you throw away uneaten is more money that has not benefited you in anyway at all.

3. Is your mobile phone contract up for renewal? Do you really need a brand new phone? I expect this to be No, Your current mobile phone is still in working order as most mobile phone networks will offer you a reduction in your line rental if you do not need a new handset. Example I know someone who used to pay £35.00 a month and when they said that they did not require a new handset this was cut to £10.00 a month and the tariff was exactly the same.

4. Do you have separate Home Phone contract, Digital Television and Broadband? Consider taking advantage of a combined package to help you make additional savings. Companies doing this include Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk from the Carphone Warehouse.

5. Check to see if you eligible for tax credits from the government as so many people can claim additional credits from this source and all it takes is completing a form but cannot be bothered to give it a try. It may give you additional monies you can use at this time of financial stress.

6. Your Bank Account: Do you have problems keeping your bank account in the black? You could check to see if your branch offers a way to reduce your charges but changing accounts, taking out a consolidation loan or managed loan to help and assist your spending. Do you get excessively charges month after month from your bank or building society? Consider cancelling all of your direct debits and standing orders and pay them manually so that your account can stabilise as talking from a personal perspective I was getting charged month after month and was eventually paying more in charges than it cost to pay my bills – I did what I suggested and am certainly a lot happier and in control.

7. Charge Cards including Credit Cards and Store Cards: This is linked a little with Tip6, If you have a large balance which everytime you look at it makes you sweat Don’t you are not alone ! Consider adding this to a consolidation loan to bring your payments into a manageable plan one where you can see it come down and lower your stress levels.

8. Domestic Services including Gas, Electric and Water: Look around for cheaper alternative suppliers but beware never sign up for something that is short term – many suppliers do offer long term contracts which are guaranteed to get you savings year after year. Maybe consider going with a company who offer you all the services in the one contract to keep your outgoings for this element contained.

9. Excess Electrical energy usage: Do you have children who spend their lives on things like the Playstation or similar games consoles? Plan more activities which can enhance their learning – sometimes this can be difficult with the busy lives we lead however time must be made for your children as later in life when you need them you will find they may not want to help and assist you as you did not bother help and assist them. Ideas you could try – get them involved with cooking the evening meal – tasting and trying things to see how tastes can be changed using different herbs and spices, Offer rewards and incentives for doing good deeds maybe tasks like assisting an elderly neighbour who maybe finding this time of stress and strain is hitting them worse than you and your family.

10. Be more caring to everyone you meet in your daily lives:
Everyone at this time is in the same boat so to speak, maybe say “ Hello “ and smile to more people on a daily basis, offer help in the supermarket to an elderly person to pack their bags or carry them to the bus – whatever you can do to help will make you feel wonderful.

I want to leave you with this one thought –
Consideration costs Nothing – but to the other person concerned is worth much more than you could ever imagine.

If you enjoyed these tips please feel free to contact me for a personal plan to financial freedom.
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You are not alone and I would love to help you through this.

Kind Regards

Robert Dodge at
The Hypnosmart Group.
In association with Somerset & Dorset Hypnotherapy.

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Kennedy said...

Nice pieces of advice here on basic ways to survive the so called credit crunch.
I think it would be useful to tell people the truth about the credit crunch and fact that it is something created by the media. The media says there is no money in the economy so people stop buying things...THAT is when a credit crunch starts. If we all started buying again the problem wouldn't be nearly as bad.
Great advice none the less. If you want some light relief at any point and want to see why there is a banana on my blog go to http://www.mindofkennedy.blogspot.com

Wendi Friesen

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