Friday, 11 July 2008

The Smart Way to Save Money and Help the Environment.

Welcome to July 2008.

Yes its the first day of a brand new month and here in the UK we are suffering a credit crunch due to inflated prices on foods,Fuel and most other daily products.

I made an important decision last week to see me do the following…

(i) Save Money

(ii) Help the environment

(iii) Enjoy the lovely weather from inside my car.

So Robert ” What did you do ” ?

I purchased a used Smart Car Four Two Cabriolet.

Yes a Bumper Car !

But why ?

With the UK facing its largest hike in fuel costs ” EVER ” and I believe this is a global problem too

My little smart car will return 57 Miles Per Gallon and I have proved this over the past 7 days - I spent £30.00 on a tank of fuel and did 308 miles (At current UK Fuel Costs £1.16.9 Per Ltr) - So this made an average of 57.8 MPG !

Secondly the Annual Road Fund Licence for this vehicle due to its very low emissions is only £35.00

” Your having a laugh ” NO GENUINE !

I previously had a 1.6 Saloon Car which would have been £185.00 a year.


Finally due to the resale value of this type of vehicle - They have Bullet Proof Resale Values.

All this means I have in fact SAVED money from buying the car than spending out.

I recommend those who want to do the following…

(i) Save Money

(ii) Look Great

(iii) Help the environment

Look at the Smart Range today - You will be amazed how a such a small car can feel so big !

For those who need another 4 seater alternative to compare with the Smart Four Four I recommend the New Mitsubishi icar. (On the Road Now for £8995.00.

Have a fantastic Month.

Kind Regards

Robert Dodge


The HypnoSmart Group

In Association with

Somerset & Dorset Hypnotherapy.

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