Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Latest Testimonial from Somerset & Dorset Hypnotherapy

Good Morning,

Please find written below the latest testimonial for Somerset and Dorset Hypnotherapy located at the Somerset & Dorset Hypnosis Centre.

"I recently bought and followed the 'I Can Make You Slim' CD and journal by Paul Mckenna, I was skeptical as have battled with my weight all of my life.I found the instant changes rewarding and had given me a 'thirst' for further hypnosis treatment.
I asked Robert if he could consolidate and reinforce the work that I was doing with Paul Mekennas products, Robert spent an hour on the phone talking to me about my life and issues which had in my opinion affected and hampered my weight loss naturally.
Robert spent an hour and a half with me in total, during which he carried out hypnosis and mind reprogramming techniques, Personally tailored to me.
One of the issues I had highlighted during our phone sesion had been the excessive amount of calories in which I was consuming in wine. I would drink wine on a daily basis and would look for a drink during the evening, I felt that I ws no longer able to forego an evening without wanting a drink or two...
I now no longer drink and have no desire to drink at all, I have also continued the Paul Mekenna mind programming sessions on the CD's and am seeing slow but steady weight loss.
I don't feel as though I am on a diet and do not feel as though I miss out on foods or treats.
Roberts hypnosis style was professional and thorough and I would recommend his therapy to anybody. 
(Joanne from Somerset*)

* Due to the sensitivity of Robert Client she would not allow her full name to be published but said if anyone wanted to speak with her she would be willing to talk to others in a similar situation)

Robert is the Only Weight Loss, Panic Attack, Phobia Removal and Anxiety Specialist in the South West and can be contacted through his website at....


Thank you Joanne and Robert for allowing me to put this on my blog.

Have a fantastic day Everyone!


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