Monday, 17 January 2011

Be an Individual !

Today's Discussion is on " Being Individual " people think they are individual however we tend not to be as individual as we think, these examples will explain what I mean.
There are those who want to have what their friends have and a good example of this is the Apple Iphone, whilst it may not be the best at what it does people want it. Is it good advertising - I doubt it as the latest version has had its faults but people still buy it - Why ? I think the answer to this is acceptance, we all seem to want to conform with what we see in others.
If you take the school concept we are all taught to be employees and not taught to be employers - those who we naughty and were often bunking off school are those who end up breaking away from the normality and do end up being the ones who own businesses.

We also see the sheep mode - being like others - when we are out driving they are the ones who follow into what could be a dangerous situation - doing just what the driver ahead did and not thinking for themselves.

The lesson to learn from this is - To think for yourself, and try and be an individual and I will leave you with this saying " If x was to jump of a cliff would you follow " I hope you will answer No in future.
Have a great day.

Dr Rob - The Persuasionist.

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