Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Your Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile !

This is so true when you think about it, spend some time looking at everyone you see in the street and count how many people are smiling or are in a happy mood. It does not have to be in the street, it could be whilst you are driving. I am sure you will discover that very few people smile, something else worth thinking about and looking at is this - " What expression are these people showing if it is not happiness ? "

I personally have a problem with mobile phones and here is the reason - we have become attached to our phones and treat them as our closest friend, indeed they do connect us with our friends if they are used to connect to the internet for social networking or used to text people but surely this is not the same as meeting face to face and being able to read their expressions and body language.

Really something to think about isn't it.

Do me a favour and try smiling more - I am sure you will feel better in yourself and may also improve the day of others you meet or pass in the street.

Ciao for now

Dr Rob - The Persuasionist.

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